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SWRAID... [Apr. 13th, 2010|09:18 pm]


I recently had a RAID5 array that used 4 250GB IDE drives. I set up a NFS share and could transfer from a workstation to and from at about 30-40MB/sec (that's Megabytes/sec). This weekend, I rebuilt the array using 3 1.5TB SATA drives installed into the same machine. I reinstalled the identical OS (ubuntu, hardy), configured the array using mdadm. The syncing took about 30 hours... it seemed a bit long, but I went with it. While it was syncing, I started transferring the data from the backup (the transfers were slow, but again I went with it).

Everything seemed hunky-dory... Today, after bulk of the transfers were finished I started copying over some other large movie files using a newly configured NFS share. The throughput was appalling. about 3-4MB/s. I tried using SCP to copy the file to the IDE boot drive, and I got about 30-40MB/sec. I tried using SCP to copy the file to the share and got marginally better rate of 8-12MB/sec.

Something is clearly not right. Any thoughts? Help?