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Linux Help Desk

Hello, this is Tux. How can I help you?

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This community was inspired by this post in the linux community.

As I (budhaboy) consider myself a moderate newbie, I am more than willing and able to pass the mantle of lead moderator on to someone more deserving.

As four others have expressed interest the following are also moderators:

opendumpster<-- still kinda a newbie, too :-)

1: This is a question-answer session. There will be no flaming, wars-of-the-distros, or trolling.
2: There is no such thing as a stupid question or stupid user.
3: Have a sense of humor when it comes to your own mistakes or shortcomings.
4: If you have extra Gmail invites, feel free to tell your friends about them, but don't post about them in here. Also feel free to donate them by using isnoop.net's gmail-omatic site. For a full detailed article on this go here. (Just scroll down or just do a ctrl + F for "Gmail".) Thanks for your consideration.

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

Now... for those who ask questions:
1: If it's an error message, paste the message in to the post.
2: Include pertainent data such as your distro, kernel, software version, and (if applicable) type of hardware you use
3: If the log file is huge or the post has a lot of data, use the lj-cut tag. We do want to keep this on our friends-list, you know.
4: When you learn something new, share the wisdom with others.